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Coastal Care Counseling, Inc.

We believe that your mental, physical and spiritual health are all innately connected.

For this very reason, we choose to treat the whole person; offering a unique combination of counseling, coaching and teaching with the added options of neurotransmitter therapy coupled with a customized nutraceutical supplement regime for complete wholeness and wellness.

 A specialty focus for (Anger Management),  Borderline Personality Traits and associated problems such as: chronic self-harm, shame, fear of abandonment, co-dependence,  interpersonal problems,  impulsive behaviors.  My approach in counseling is empathic and growth centered by helping people reach their individual goals with a positive step-by-step solution focused approach


NeuroScience Explained:

We have discovered that the issues plaguing you may not be your fault; they may be the result of your body chemistry. Often times when people struggle with fatigue, brain fog, anxiousness, memory loss, sleeplessness, anger outbursts, sudden weight gain or loss it is attributed to the stress in our lives.

Sometimes causing irritability, impatience and even leading to addictions and uncharacteristic behaviors.

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The difficulties you are experiencing may not be just stress; It may not even be your fault at all! All

of these issues may be caused by brain chemistry imbalances; Nervous system imbalances, Immune

or Hormone system imbalances.

Our Services

Our Services

Our Services

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Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

Dr. Knight is an excellent choice of Mental Health provider!! He addresses the emotional and the physical aspect of your illness or disorder. He also is excellent at bringing insight to the spiritual aspect of your condition. My husband and I highly recommend Dr. Knight. He has been a great help to us in the short time we have been seeing him!
Our Commitment

Our Commitment To You

Our Commitment To You



Our goal is to help you and your family develop full and satisfying personal, mental and spiritual lives.

    Our counseling and therapy sessions are faithfully conducted with a standard of excellence, holding morals,

values and principles invaluable in dealing with interpersonal, emotional and relational needs individual to each client.  We recognize the professional ethics and confidential relationship between counselor and client, treating each referral with the utmost dignity, sensitivity and respect.

We believe that you were meant to enjoy a purposeful, productive, and meaningful life.
    We at Coastal Care Counseling also believe that your mental, physical and spiritual health are all innately connected. For this very reason, we choose to treat the whole person offering the option of customized nutritional supplements along with counseling for complete wholeness and wellness.

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